How did you start Stoozing? And how has it evolved?

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Re: How did you start Stoozing? And how has it evolved?

Postby stooz » Mon May 23, 2016 10:01 pm

newstoozer wrote:Apologies for my ignorance but can I ask what is meant by fast Stoozing? Maybe we can set up a glossary page somewhere for all the Stoozing terms lol.

The website used to hold a load of information and guides. But unfortunately we now require an FSA certificate as proof we are trained in financial advise.
I have spend years now arguing with them over the details because I dont own a legal firm, just a website, but they can't understand the facts I am not employed (by the site) I dont have offices and I dont practice. I also don't have systems in place to handle clients money!

So until I break through the paperwork, I just can't give information which can be deemed as advice.


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Re: How did you start Stoozing? And how has it evolved?

Postby Sarah » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:42 am

I started like most of the stalwarts here in the days when pretty much every bank had a 6 month 0% balance transfer card with no fees. They were ubiquitous, you could very simply switch from one to another (or multiples) as regular as clockwork; debt was also easy to create using credit card cheques or by giving MBNA a call.

There were initially no fees for MBNA money transfers and you could earn cashback or rewards too if you selected your cards carefully (or you could choose a free watch as a gift when opening an account); even when they started to introduce fees you could usually speak with someone to negotiate free transfers anyway, they were so keen to do business.

I generated enough points from repeat BTs on my AOL branded MBNA card to enjoy free broadband for several years (worth equivalent to £30/month in the early days before prices started to drop). Also had great fun writing cheques from my Citibank card to earn 1% cashback, until one time I accidentally hurried up the timetable too much, my incoming BACS payment arrived slightly before the outgoing cheque cleared resulting in a positive balance, they blocked my credit card account, bounced the cheque and held onto the funds 6 weeks for fraud prevention reasons. I was lucky to avoid a nasty charge from my bank for the returned cheque and after that only regained full control of my Citibank card shortly before they discontinued paying cashback.

Soon afterwards Egg Money came along and quickly became everyone's favourite cash machine...

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Re: How did you start Stoozing? And how has it evolved?

Postby DC. » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:28 pm

I started off doing 0% BT for actual credit card debt.
I still have a couple of outstanding balances, which I transfer when the time is up.
I started making money with a Current account switch to Halifax, but again a genuine one where i transferred my real DD and pay, then I did a transfer to FD again a real one. FD is my current bank. Its actually a joint account as I was applying for a Mortgage. so when the time came to switch back to halifax I couldn't (can't switch a joint to single account) I didn't want to close my Natwest account, so I looked to ways to trick the system, hence opening dummy accounts, and using tesco for DD.

Now I have multiple Halifax Reward accounts, tsb classics plus, club lloyds.
I recently paid off my car saving £200 in interest by opening 3 0% BT fee 0% interest, and muling using MBNA card.
I started match betting when the cheltenham festival was on, I made £2500 from that, but now have no free offers, and the other ways to make money are very involved.

The next few months will be interesting with interest rates and rewards dropping on above mentioned accounts. There's also the LISA coming out next year too.

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