Account benefits when travelling

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Account benefits when travelling

Postby chickenboy » Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:34 am

One of the advantages of stoozing is obviously we have a incredible knowledge of account benefits which we can reel off to people at a moments knowledge. Currently travelling and so enjoying some useful account perks, just wondering if there are any ones I'm not aware of, and the group as a whole might benefit from... (travel benefits in bold)

Norwich & Peterborough Gold Classic current ac.
Need to have £501 transferred in & out once a month
- but gives you Sentinel
- AND a great card to use abroad - one of the best for good rates, just use abroad, no fuss!

Barclays ... 2609324028
So with a basic barclays account and the Blue Rewards programme they will pay you £4 / month to have the account (£800 in a month and 2 DDs through per month)
- but pays you £4/mon
you can add the TravelPlusPack
- have a read, might be worth having all year as it gives you
-- RAC Comprehensive Breakdown Cover
-- Worldwide Travel Insurance
-- 6 x Airport lounge access (dragonPass) per year

I'm not sure its worth paying for the whole year (the addon is £14 per month) - however you can cancel FREE before the 1st month is up, or anytime after, so you can access your DragonPass after 72 hours...
- so 6 lounge accesses for at most £14 total - and likely FREE (but to get the most of these you would have to use all the 6 passes in a short period, but if you have a family of 3, thats 6 visits on a return trip)

American Express Gold card
- 2 x LoungeClub visits
(the amex card is £125 yr, but the 1st year is free).

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Re: Account benefits when travelling

Postby cashback » Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:59 am

Some nice perks there!

I use a Halifax Clarity card for all purchases and cash withdrawals abroad. I have a low £1.3k limit and it gives fantastic exchange rates.

I'm currently in Sweden and they readily accept Visa credit cards.

As I found in the Netherlands (where they're not so keen on foreign plastic), I used it to withdraw cash, seemingly without charges on my statement.

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Re: Account benefits when travelling

Postby chickenboy » Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:11 pm

Thanks for that - have the (Rewards) Clarity card, but didn't bring it as didn't realise it was quite so excellent!

Another one worth mentioning is the Citibank Citi PLus or CityiGold current account - which gives you all the usually World Travel insurance (plus winter sports), but also a slightly unique feature - I have a UK current account, plus online I can instantly open a savings / deposit account in NZD, USD, EUR etc.

I can transfer funds to that account (at a very competitive rate) instantly.

Then I can switch where my cash card links to - so just before I'm off to the states, top up the USD account and link the card to the USD deposit account - and its that simple!

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